When You Wonder Why

When life smacks you upside the head, do you ever wonder why?
Why is this happening to me? To my family? To... whatever!

I took some time to reflect on this in a recent post I wrote for Seedbed.com.

There are four things I identify that help me during seasons of "why."

  1. Hold on to what is good and true.
  2. Relax and know that He is still God.
  3. Watch for the little, gentle reminders of His love.
  4. Guard your mind.

There are ways to get beyond the spiral of the "why."
You can find peace. You can find hope.
Most often, it takes being a bit intentional.

For more detail on each of these, 
I encourage you to read my Four Steps to Take When You Wonder Why.

Blessings on you friend!

Michelle (a.k.a. piano girl)

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