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When You Wonder Why

When life smacks you upside the head, do you ever wonder why? Why is this happening to me? To my family? To... whatever!
I took some time to reflect on this in a recent post I wrote for
There are four things I identify that help me during seasons of "why."
Hold on to what is good and true.Relax and know that He is still God.Watch for the little, gentle reminders of His love.Guard your mind.
There are ways to get beyond the spiral of the "why." You can find peace. You can find hope. Most often, it takes being a bit intentional.
For more detail on each of these,  I encourage you to read my Four Steps to Take When You Wonder Why.
Blessings on you friend!
Michelle (a.k.a. piano girl)

Stillness in Times of Trouble

Perhaps you've heard this famous verse from the Bible a 1000 times like I have:

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)
I even have it on a beautiful piece of art hanging in my kitchen. This framed photo captures a bare tree in the winter surrounded by snow, cold and complete stillness.

In the past year especially, this verse has taken on new meaning for me as our family has been through the ringer. We have endured trials of many kinds; including personal betrayal, slander, rejection, moving to several different states in one year, job losses, death of a close family member and more. All of this, on top of a previous year of burnout and major medical issues. 
Not whining, just being real with you.
Honestly, it's been hard to be still through all of this turmoil. How does God expect me to do this? There are problems to be solved here! There is justice to be had here! God, where are you?
It was one of those moments I was asking Him this very question when this picture came into …