Pastor's Wives are People Too. A Poem.

Pastor's wives are people too.

(A pastor's wife may actually be a guy- a pastor's husband- which brings unique challenges of it's own. But for the ease of writing, I'll just say "she" for now, but please know that the "she" really could be a "he" and the point is the same.)

There are a lot of demands on her time and energy- just like you.

She carries many burdens and try in earnest to give them to the Lord- just like you.

She struggles with all the same stuff you do- yes, this is true.

She may not play the piano or sing. She may be a welder.

She feels loneliness, sorrow, worry and fear- just like you.

She makes mistakes and has regrets- just like you.

She worries that she's bringing up her kids right- yes, this is true.

She may not be an extrovert. And that's okay.


She is often asked to do way too much- just like you.

She often wonders about the future- just like you.

She crawls back to the cross on a frequent basis- yes, it's true.

She may actually need a vacation, and that's the truth.


She may need some time to herself or laughs with friends- just like you.

She really needs encouragement from others- just like you.  

She isn't perfect or a saint- yes, it's true.

She isn't responsible for her husband's ministry.


She may love life or have days where she wonders why she didn't stay in bed- just like you.

She works on her marriage and family in good times and bad- just like you.

She probably doesn't shout her needs from the rooftops- yes, it's true.

She needs your prayers more than you know.




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