Life in the Banana Bowl

Life in ministry can cause this condition: 

Yes, you heard right. Ministry life can cause a woman to join the banana bowl.

In my ministry life, I have joined the banana bowl many times.
At times, voluntarily. Other times, out of sheer necessity.
You see, although in reality I might feel like an apple, 
sometimes the situation calls for a banana.

I totally believe that we should seek out, understand and embrace our God-given gifts.
Our wise Creator has built into our DNA to passionately serve through these giftings and our ultimate purpose is, in part,  lived out using and growing these gifts. 


There are times in ministry where we are called to step out of our "comfort zones" and function in areas that we don't necessarily feel strong or comfortable in. Perhaps we haven't had appropriate time to pray about it or even prepare in advance. Maybe the situation completely took you by surprise.

But God might be saying "I want you here- doing this- right now." 

It might make you feel like you're going bananas.  Trust me, I've had many moments like that!

The truth is that when God asks you to become a banana- even for a season- He will give you the strength, courage and yes, even passion, to do the work He's asked you to do.

Feeling a little bananas?

That's okay. God has a plan.

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