Find a Way

While watching an interview of Diana Nyad the other day, I was captivated. What an incredible story! Diana's story is one of an unrelenting spirit. 
Pursuit of a dream. Making it work.

This former marathon swimmer, after 30 years of not a single lap in the pool, reignited an earlier dream of swimming from the US to Cuba without stopping.
 AT ALL. 103 miles. 
At 64 years old, she fulfilled that dream. 

Just. Wow.

Diane's story is such an inspiration, and reminds me of how God created us with such potential. He has instilled in us this will, this drive that propels us on no matter what obstacles come our way.

The thing inside that says: find a way.

She tells of a time when she was sharing her story to a large group of people, which included her abuse by a former swimming coach. After her talk, she met a woman in her late 80's at one of the tables. As they were talking, she noticed the series of numbers tattooed on this kind woman's forearm. This mark was the one she received from a concentration camp during WWII. This woman watched her father shot, her mother and siblings taken (and never seen again) and was hauled off to a concentration camp at age 3. She shared her story with Diana that night. After hearing her story, Diana felt like her story was nothing compared to this woman sitting beside her.

In response to this, the woman had this to say: we all have our unique story- you have yours and I have mine- and we only have this one life. Find a way to make it the best life. Let the past be the past and cherish the now. It's all we have. Embrace this beautiful life and find a way to be the best you that you can be.

Find a way.

That thing inside of you that shouts purpose, that whisper that propels a dream, that moment of inspiration: listen and find a way.
I believe God plants those things within us for a reason.

Be the best you that you were created to be. Find a way.

To hear some of Diana's inspiration, check out Diana Nyad on TED TALKS

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