Disappointment Valley

As a woman in ministry, you will visit this place often:

Because we are in the people business.

People are human, like us.
People make mistakes. Sometimes very painful mistakes.
People will hurt us and those we love.

It causes us to ask the proverbial question- why is this happening?

But there is a flip-side to disappointment.

If you find yourself disappointed, it's because you love.
If you didn't love, you wouldn't care.
The deeper the love, the deeper the disappointment.
All because you love...and that's a good thing.

I've been choosing lately, to go ahead and feel my disappointment instead of denying it's there. To do the work of examining my heart and ultimately giving it over to the Lord. Next, I choose to thank God for giving me this love for them in the first place. To deepen it. To widen my vision. 
To show me how to proceed.

Does this make the feeling go away?

Does it change the circumstances?

But it offers me a different perspective.
Reminds me of the frailty of our humanness.
 Offers a detour from the road that disappointment 
can emotionally take me on.

...and causes me, once again, to run to Him for dear life.

Disappointment Valley will always be on our map,
but we don't have to live there for long.

We know the One who owns the highway. 

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