Hold On to What is Good and True

Not a sparrow falls to the ground without God’s knowledge, but sparrows still fall. God works all things to the good for those who love Him. But He still allows His saints to suffer.
And He doesn’t always tell them why.
I read this quote recently in a blog on how to help those with depression.
(you can find the whole blog by Anna, click here)

Have you ever felt like that sparrow?

When it seems like all the people you see are smiling, but you are just too tired.
When leaving the house seems like a momentous chore.
When things look dull and your life seems the same day after day.
When you've been cheated, betrayed or slandered.
When all the nice Christian answers are hard to believe.
When this current season of your life is difficult, and you don't see any end.
When you wonder who your real friends are.
When you try to hear from God and there's only silence.

He doesn't always tell us why.

I tend to believe that the desire to know why is built into us.
If we can just put our finger on it- the cause, the reason, the expected outcome-
maybe then we could have a justified reason for going through our suffering.
Maybe we would get through it easier, knowing the "why."
But suffering comes to all, often without warning or explanation.

I still believe.

Last night our family attended our youngest son's band and choir concert.
While taking in the choir songs, I was brought to tears by the words to one of their songs.
 (Trust me, this doesn't happen very often in this public school venue. Well, except for when my boys were in Kindergarten and they sang "What a Wonderful World"- but that's another blog for another day!)
Anyway, The song was about hope and holding on.
One particular stanza said something like this:
...when love is absent, I still know it's real
...when God is silent, I still believe He's there for me
What a timely reminder of hope... and faith!
When you are the sparrow that's fallen, hold on to what's good and true.
God is still there for you even when He seems silent.

Watch for the little, gentle reminders.

The song that reminds you that God sees you, loves you and is there for you.
The friend that sticks by you when the going gets rough, and offers their heart.
The sunny day and warm breeze after a long winter.
The timely card, email or Facebook message that comes just when you need it.
The hot meal waiting for you when you get home.
An unexpected kindness.
The sunrise and sunset.
The hug from your kids, your coworker or your spouse- just because.
Sparrows still fall and we rarely know the purpose.

But if we look carefully, we will see hope breaking through, regardless of the why. 


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