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Grace in the Grey

It would be nice if the world were always black or white,  where issues and circumstances were either one way or the other, right or wrong,  good or bad and so just might be easier to navigate.
Don't misunderstand, I do believe there are absolutes in this world.  Good and evil. Right and wrong. I believe this with every fiber of my being.  I also believe that these things are instilled deep inside of us.  Things such as a true sense of justice, crimes that turn our stomachs  and leave no doubt in our mind, actions and words that hurt, steal or wound. There are all kinds of right and wrong. I believe that God himself created us to know it.
But while there are black and white issues in the world,  there are also circumstances that live somewhere between the black and white.  Somewhere in the blur of the grey.

We don't typically like the grey. The grey is nebulous. The grey doesn't offer quick and easy answers.  The grey can present itself suddenly, or very slowly over time. And th…