Just Show Up

All of us have unique gifts and talents. 
The Creator is a creative God- just take a look around you. 
Even the Bible starts with God as Artist- all of it magnificent.

Since you are created in His image, you have His creativity in you.

And get this...

He wants to flow out through you in a unique way 
that He won't through anyone else. 

You have been given this one unique life.
You have been asked to show up.

You have been given your hands, you mind, your personality, your insight. You have been given your sense of humor, creative expression, your sense of right or wrong, unique problem solving skills, an ability to love and receive love. 

You may have been given your sick parents, a diagnosis, a disability, a leaky basement, a rusty car, a challenging child, a lonely house, a crabby co-worker or a layoff you didn't expect. 

You have been given a passion for something, perhaps a heart for the homeless, justice for the abused, compassion for the needy or a desire to bring a light to dark places.

You were born and given life.
You have been asked to show up.

There isn't necessarily one big thing you were meant to accomplish.

Rather, there are most likely a million little things that you were meant to 
bring forth- and all these little things add up to big things that matter.
Your touch, creative expression, contributions, prayers and other things that are uniquely yours touches another life...
...then another
...then another
...then another
until the connections cannot be measured through the generations.

There is no retirement plan for showing up. It's not someone else's turn to show up. As long as you have breath, you are asked to show up.

He has creatively given you life. 
How are you showing up?

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