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Scars. You can't get through life without them. If your heart has never been hurt by a situation, people, decisions made or even by the fact that you were just there- I'd like to meet you! As they say, rain falls on us all. No matter what you believe- or don't believe. Whether you're nice- or not nice. Sometimes it's a pinch. Ouch. And we move on. Merely a flesh wound. Other times it's a gash that you fear will never, EVER fully heal. Either way, we end up with scars- and those scars impact us. What I'm referring to here are hurts that people cannot see... that is, unless there are external signs that reflect inner wounds. insert outer manifestations such as illness, bad behavior, addiction, and other self-medicating means here ____________. Walking around like we don't have them is a mistake. That is (what the counseling world calls it)... denial. What we need is (as the health care world calls it)... wound care. We are very good at tending to the needs of physic…