that's a fun word.

We hear that word all the time.
In a T.V. show.
In church.
In our town.
Community groups, community committees, community events...whatever.

But do we really know what that means?
Do we really live our definition of it?

It's a fun word. Community.
It can conjure up positive feelings...and other feelings.

Here are a few things that come to mind when
I think about what real community means to me:
Sticking up for each other.
Being brave enough to protect...yet open enough for difficult conversations.
Being there for each other.
Showing up. Doing life. Remembering that the street goes both ways.
Being authentic.
Allowing others to NOT be like you... and loving them anyway.
I appreciate you, you appreciate me- just the way we are.
Watching our tongues.
Doing away with gossip and malice. Not everything we think has to be said.
Being willing to do our part.
This means sharing the load. While not everyone is comfortable being a leader, 
everyone can do their part to make the load easier on everyone.
Speaking up.
Having the courage to speak up against wrong and promote the right,
while keeping an open mind for honest dialogue with those who may disagree.
Mutual respect.
Everyone must find their own path. And that path is not ours to judge.
Service isn't just for the people with energy, the young or the retired. It's for all.
We don't exist to be served, but to serve together.

Giving props where props are due.
This means allowing others to do what they do well, let them know and support their efforts. This includes trying to open a small business, creative efforts, problem solving skills- reaching for the stars in a new way.
Everyone is created with unique talents...
building others up only builds our community up.

What would you add to the list?

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