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The Freedom Fly

So I was in the bathroom yesterday morning, minding my own business... changing the toilet paper as is often my job. As I was putting the new roll on, I decided to open the window right above it. I discovered that a fly had been caught between the glass and the screen all night long. Thinking that any minute that fly was going to realize that I was his ticket to freedom and fly outta there. I quickly slammed the window down so he couldn't escape. (I know, cruel) (and yes, I just assume it's a "he"...who really knows anyway) After feeling trappers remorse, I decided to give him his freedom. After all, if I was the fly, that's what I would want. So I opened the window and prepared for him to scramble. The fly was literally sitting on the edge of the screen frame, with two front legs up on the screen looking outside. After not moving for a few minutes I thought he might be dead. After waving my hand around (yes, I admit I was fascinated), he started moving slowly- you kno… that's a fun word.

Community. We hear that word all the time. In a T.V. show. In church. In our town. Community groups, community committees, community events...whatever.

But do we really know what that means? Do we really live our definition of it?

It's a fun word. Community.
It can conjure up positive feelings...and other feelings.

Here are a few things that come to mind when I think about what real community means to me: Sticking up for each other. Being brave enough to protect...yet open enough for difficult conversations. Being there for each other. Showing up. Doing life. Remembering that the street goes both ways. Being authentic. Allowing others to NOT be like you... and loving them anyway. I appreciate you, you appreciate me- just the way we are. Watching our tongues. Doing away with gossip and malice. Not everything we think has to be said. Being willing to do our part. This means sharing the load. While not everyone is comfortable being a leader, 
everyone can do their part to make the load easier on everyone.