3 AM Lemonade

So I'm up at 3:00 am. to catch the red eye.
This after about 2.5 hours of sleep.
Drive 45 minutes to the airport.
Go through security and plop down in those oh-so-comfy seats.

Flight cancelled.

Oh yes, there's some major part that needs repairing.
I suppose finding that out now is a good thing.

So apparently they have to drive a "part" from Mpls. to Bemidji 
5 hour drive mind you
We are in an airport, can we not fly one up here?
apparently not. that would take a mere 40 minutes

So here I sit waiting six hours for the next available flight outta here. 
Why spend the money on gas when I've already paid for a flight?
I fight fatigue, impatience and sheer frustration.
5th flight in less than a month.

So then I think (yes, it's a bad habit)...

Why is it that we tend to complain about not having the time to relax,
but then when things happen to grant us the time expectantly,
we complain.

I'm saying "we" because then I don't feel alone in this!

So here I am with this unexpected time to enjoy a book, a good cup of coffee...maybe even a manicure.  And the best part is that I'm not alone this time- a friend is with me to help pass the time.

So then I think...

Why is it that this unexpected time is frustrating?
Well, because it wasn't in my plan, on my time schedule 
and is out of my control.

I guess I like to be in control of my free time! lol

So here I sit, talking to you.
Good cup of joe in my hand.
Chillin' with my friend until go time.

Thank you, Lord.

I guess I'll nap on the plane.

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