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Make-Up Remover Moment

Just the other day, I had one of those "ah-ha" moments. You know what I mean right- one of those "oh man, yes Lord, I get it"- then you just shake your head- moments.

So here I was at the bathroom sink, trying to open my make-up remover container. This is one of those re-fill containers that holds the individual remover cloths. I'm trying and trying to open this thing and to no avail. I was besides myself, as they say. In exasperation, I walked away and said "FINE. I'll just go to bed with this junk on my face!" Two minutes later I walk back and try again... yes, glutton for punishment. As I'm fighting with this thing again, I realize that my thumb is over the little latch that allows the lid to lift up. DUH.
Here I am, fighting and growling at this container and all the while, I was hindering my own progress by holding my thumb over the release latch. Pulling with one hand- holding down with the other.  Then comes my husband wond…

I think, therefore I am.

What one thinks, one becomes. Be careful what thoughts you entertain, for it may just become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We often don't realize how much our everyday thoughts effect who we are- or become. Even those small fleeting thoughts- the ones we end up entertaining more with time- can become our reality if we're not careful. What thoughts do you entertain?                          Do they look like this? No one cares. I'm ugly. I'll never succeed at anything worthwhile. I mess up everything I touch. This is not the life I wanted. I'm a loser. The world is out to get me. There is no way I'm going to survive this. I'm too old...or too young...or too busy to make a difference.                          Or do they look like this? I am loved by God. I can do this. I'm not perfect, but I was made for a purpose. I am special because of who God made me to be. I might mess things up, but there is still hope for me. I can be an overcomer. I will survive. I can make a differenc…