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American Idol Dreams

Every time I see another season of American Idol, I'm reminded of some important nuggets of truth. I suppose in that way, it's not all bad, despite who the judges are. 

Here are some concepts that stand out to me- as I watch AI- that actually reflect real life:
It's not bad to have big dreams. Dreams motivate us to work harder, smarter and reach for something bigger. But do our dreams line up with God's ultimate dream for us? Or are they based on what we want people to think of us? Or that we want attention, fame or riches? Big dreams can be good...or even evil...depending on our motivations.
Being honest with ourselves is a gift.So often we watch AI and wonder who in the world told some of these people they could sing! Maybe they were a bad judge of talent, or maybe they're just too scared to tell the truth. Either way, we give ourselves a gift when we are truly honest within ourselves about our gifts/talents and where we are in the growth process of using them. 
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