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Evil Cold

If there's one thing I've learned since I've moved to Northern MN,  it's that the term "cold" is a matter of perspective.
The whole past week here has been so cold that I've decided to dub it  "evil cold."
It's been so cold that:
The snow crunches and squeaks so loudly under my boots  that it's like nails on a chalkboard. No lie. It's not music to my ears.
When I walk outside, the hairs in my nose completely freeze.
Trying to get my car doors open is like a game of tug-of-war... only I don't win unless I brutally beat the door frame first.
Walking from my office to my car, I have a coughing fit due to the wind  flooding my innocent lungs with "evil cold" air.
Accuweather calls it "chilly." I bet no one from accuweather actually lives here.
I look out at the thermometer outside my kitchen window in the morning. Instead of the temperature, it says "minus, you don't want to know."
I have to plug in m…

Our oxymoron.

Our hearts are an oxymoron. (don't you love that word?)
They can be extremely fragile at times. They can be extremely strong at times.
They can be softened by a simple image. Or hardened by a simple word.
They can be swayed by emotion. Or stubborn as a mule. Or steadfast...or torn.

Our hearts can be snow on a -20 degree day.
Or snow on a 50 degree day.
(can you tell I live in Northern MN?)

Sometimes we don't know how strong our hearts can be, 
until we have to be strong. 

It's no wonder that God looks on our heart, instead of outward appearances. It's the heart that tells the true story.

And knowing how fickle our hearts can be, it's a wonder that He loves us so deeply and unconditionally in spite of them.

Isn't it great that He gets us? 

I'm so glad he holds our hearts in His hands.