Why I'm (still) proud to be an American

Yes...you read that title correctly. I'm (still) proud to be an American.

The world is not my "home"...but right now I live here.
And I care deeply about where our country is going.

Do I believe that we have major problems? 

But despite all the crazy stuff going on, I'm (still) proud to be an American.
For some reason, a person gets persecuted these days for saying that.

As a person of faith, I know that all the people of the world are on the same level at the foot of the cross. We are all deeply loved by our Creator- no matter where we live.

Still, I love my country.

I still get tears in my eyes when the National Anthem is played or sung. I can't help it.

I'm moved by the countless people who have given their lives to protect my freedom.

I still put my hand on my heart when reciting the pledge of allegiance. I must.

Fighting for what we feel is right- is right- 
especially when it concerns things we hold sacred, timeless and true.

Worshiping without fear is priceless.

Although we don't all agree, freedom is worth the sting of the debate.

Diversity is beautiful.

I can speak my mind and practice free speech... for now.

We can choose to agree- and disagree.

I have a voice. I can make a difference.

I have grave concerns about this country I love.
There are areas that cause me to fear for her future.

Some days I have to squint to recognize her.

But I still thank God for America- without apology. 
And pray for her and her people- fervently.

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