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Why I'm (still) proud to be an American

Image read that title correctly. I'm (still) proud to be an American.

The world is not my "home"...but right now I live here. And I care deeply about where our country is going.
Do I believe that we have major problems?  Yes.
But despite all the crazy stuff going on, I'm (still) proud to be an American. For some reason, a person gets persecuted these days for saying that.
As a person of faith, I know that all the people of the world are on the same level at the foot of the cross. We are all deeply loved by our Creator- no matter where we live.
Still, I love my country.
I still get tears in my eyes when the National Anthem is played or sung. I can't help it.
I'm moved by the countless people who have given their lives to protect my freedom.
I still put my hand on my heart when reciting the pledge of allegiance. I must.
Fighting for what we feel is right- is right-  especially when it concerns things we hold sacred, timeless and true.
Worshiping without fe…