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Gratefulness-It's not just for dinner anymore.

It's been approximately 60 days into my experiment.  Although I haven't written a lot in detail on this blog, I have been reflecting on the last two months a lot lately.   I thought I'd share my reflections with you.
Ten things I've learned (or have been reminded of) in my journey so far: This is not an experiment for sissies. It takes determination and perseverance- every day- every week- every month.It's a lesson in perspective. The more grateful I am, the more I find a higher perspective in my every day life. The bigger picture wins out.Gratefulness breeds humility, knowing that I receive more than I ever deserve.I can choose gratefulness. I can also choose entitlement. It's a choice.The more I practice thankfulness, the more my circumstances don't dictate my frame of mind.  What I think about and dwell on overcomes negativity and fear.Selfishness is easy and natural as breathing. Gratefulness is difficult to maintain. Gratefulness bears fruit that resemble…

There's this thing called life. It happens.

You know what I'm talking about.  You go along day by day thinking things are going okay. Oh sure, we all have our ups and downs.  But generally speaking it's "okay." And then when you least expect it. WHAM!
Why are we so surprised by this?
Each time we are whammed in the head, somehow we think that if we survive that hit it'll be awhile until we are smacked again. A breather. A break. Whew.
Why do we think this?
I got some bad news the other day about someone I care about. When one is in ministry, this tends to happen. Often.  You might be surprised how often. 
But this one I did not see coming.
The Truth? We make choices in life.  And choices have consequences. We are human. Our God is not bothered by our honest questions. He can take it. We are not somehow immune to hurt, pain and disappointment.- none of us are.

But this I know: We can have a hope that surpasses our unanswered questions.  We can have a peace that calms our "why me or why them."  We…