Up to My Waist- Experiments in Gratitude

When getting into a lake, some people like to dive in head first.

Not me.

I have this need to slowly torture myself by getting in a couple inches at a time. 

I am now 30 days into the "experiment" and am now up to my waist. When I finally accomplish waist level, I feel like I've overcome the hardest part. 
In reality, I dove in head first...but the discipline of the action can be very different from the emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Yes, I'm up to my waist.

It's not been easy. Any of you doing this with me know that to be true.
But I also know this: developing a new habit- a potentially life altering habit- is never easy. 

It takes intention.
It takes energy.
It takes commitment.
It takes a vision.

A few impressions in the past 30 days:
  • I am blessed. You are blessed.
  • When bad things happen, God is still good. Truly.
  • Doors are closed, but others eventually open. They usually have a different shape and color than we expect.
  • Peace in every circumstance is priceless.
  • Real life is generally difficult.  A person that says otherwise is a liar.
  • Real life is beautiful in simple ways. The trick is to look for the beauty- daily.
  • Keeping my mind on higher things is hard, but changing my perspective.

Don't give up!  Let's see where the next 30 days take us.  
With a 90 day challenge, who knows?  
By 60 days, I might just be up to my shoulders!  

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