The Western Burger

So I'm at the burger king treating my son and his date to a pre-movie meal.  
I see there's a new burger on the menu- something like a western burger.  So I cheerfully approach the gal behind the register.

Below is our short, yet revealing, exchange.

Me:  Hi! So how's the new burger? 
Her:  Um, what burger.
Me:  The new one. The one with "new" next to it...
Her:  Oh, the Western Burger.
Me:  Yep.
Her:  What again? 
Me:  How is it...the burger. 
Her:  I don't eat here. 
Me:  What? 
Her: I don't eat here. 
Me:  Okkaayyy.  Why? 
Her:  I'm a vegetarian. 
Me: (smirk) really? (pause) 
Me:  You do realize you work at Burger King.
I just had to tell this story at a workshop on leadership and team development I taught last week.  It was the perfect example of a person that was put in the "wrong seat of the bus"...and I would dare say she might have been on the wrong "bus" altogether!  It was a great reminder that for those we lead- and we all influence someone- will only be at their best if they are on the "right seat on the bus."  If their gifts/skills, knowledge, passion match the job they're given... it's a win-win.

I hope the gal at burger king finds her seat.


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